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We have a number of scanners, both black & white and color, for all of your scanning needs.  We can scan aljost anything on paper from a wallet-sized photo to an original up to 36 inches wide by 50 ft long in black & white or color.



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If you have boxes of 8.5" x 11" correspondence you want converted to CDs to save room, or oil & gas maps scanned and saved for future use, Service Inc. is the right place for the job.  Consider converting your files to Adobe Acrobat with bookmarks corresponding to each file folder and burning these files to a CD for archiving, sending to your associates, or putting on your server or website!

We can scan and save your documents to files in a variety of formats, platforms, and resolutions.

Examples of File Delivery Options: 


 Zip (or other disk)








 CD & DVD Duplication

DVD / CD Duplications - Service Inc.We duplicate your CDs and DVDs onsite for marketing, archiving, and performance needs.  We offer jewel cases, printed sleeves and jackets, printed faces and complete packages!


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